Monday, November 26, 2012

Sea Bass and Carrots

Ok, so, I have to apologize for the lack of posts lately.  My little camera took a dive off a table and is having a "lens error". But in any case, I'd been searching for these pictures for a little while and completely forgotten that they must have been taken on N's camera.

We whipped up this delicious little dinner way back in early summer when we were first starting to harvest our carrots.  The carrots were something like a year old but only yielded these little runts.  And since it's San Diego, pretty much all vegetables give up trying to grow with the seasons.  These actually were planted in November, haha.  Earlier garden photos here.


Have you ever tasted a really fresh carrot?  Like straight out of the ground fresh? They have this amazing crispness and crunch.  I figured that the texture of the carrots you get at the store was just how they came.


I know it seems fancy, but we got these lovely sea bass steaks at our local grocery store in the 50% off display case because they were about to expire.  Topped with a little butter and salt, baked at 400F, then broiled for a couple minutes, they turned out amazing.  I was a little nervous about preparing such a nice piece of fish :)  Plus, we took all those carrots and sauteed them in butter, they really caramelized nicely.  One of my favorite dinners we've made!