Monday, April 18, 2016

Sewing Goals 2016

Even though I have taken a sharp detour into knittery, I am still doing the old sewing thing! Never fear!

Sewing Goals 2016
-Clean my sewing area. It's a bit of mess and it's kind of driving me crazy to sit down at my table, so..
-Learn to use my serger! That's right, I got a new serger!
-Perhaps sew up some active wear? I saw the most amazing gold foil floral spandex at the Yardage Town :)
-Use up stash (can you sense I have a problem with hoarding pretty things?)
-Learn to do a Small Bust Adjustment
-Work on fitting my garments better!
-Sew buttonholes/learn how to use my one-step button holer on my machine! I'm thinking a shirt dress will do very nicely towards this goal
-1 wedding guest dress in May
-Baby blankets! Two for coworkers by ~August/September, two for a friend's babies who are long overdue some baby gifts, one more for a friend (gender unknown)
-Semi related: buy a good iron

You'll probably still see a backlog of projects that are from before these goals were made, but I shall try to distinguish them. In any case, everything is still working towards advancing my skill in sewing!

I have all these lofty goals, but as you can see having another handcraft hobby makes it difficult for me to put one thing down to work on the other. Perhaps I will try to alternate a knitting project and a sewing project.

I guess we'll see how I fare!