Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today, I abducted some poor guy's cat. True story.


Not to worry, he was returned about 5 minutes later.

I was walking home and I saw this cat crouched by the side of a car next to a big canyon. At first, I was thinking "Ooh! Kitty!" and then I thought, "Uh oh, bobcat? That's kind of a big animal." I crouched down, and he came up to be pet, I saw his tags on his collar. His name was Princeton. Naturally, I assumed he had escaped from a nearby house, and his owner must be worried. I figured it was my Good Samaritan duty to call the number and let him know I found his cat outside. [This is mostly because my cat just escaped from my parent's house and she has yet to come back or be returned :( hopefully it wasn't coyotes. but anyways, on with this story.] Had some trouble holding the heavy cat and trying to see the number on his tag since it was pretty dark outside, called the number twice, no answer. I decided to bring the cat back to my place since it was not much further, and I figured I'd keep him there until the owner called. I was almost back to my house when he called and said that he would come get his cat. I thought, "Awesome, I bet this guy is probably happy that I saved his cat from running away, yay me!"

Here's (roughly) how the conversation went:
Him: Oh hey, thanks for finding my cat. When did you find him?
Me: Maybe 10 or 15 minutes ago
Him: Oh, where was he?
Me: Just a little ways up the street from here
Him: Oh cool, yeah, he likes to roam around outside sometimes.
Him [to the cat]: Where were you? I was calling for you :]
Me: Oh sorry, he didn't really look like an outside cat, and I didn't want him to get eaten, soo.. [trail off because now I feel embarrassed]
Him: [in an attempt to make me feel better I assume] Lately, he's been going down into the canyon, and I don't like that, so... thanks!
Me: Ok.....bye!

And that's how I accidentally kidnapped somebody's cat.

Here's some pictures of some kitties to make this post happier.

Edit// To save myself from foot-in-mouth, I think every outdoor cat should wear one of these. Maybe not so snarky, but it's still the right sentiment.

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