Friday, March 22, 2013

Free Flight in Del Mar, CA

I have to say, this was a pretty cool little place just down the street from the Del Mar Fairgrounds.  It's tucked away back into this weird shopping center, but Free Flight is a really neat exotic bird sanctuary that let's you get up close and personal with (mostly) friendly birds.  The friendliest birds are out on perches and can be pet and fed with fruits if you want to buy some from the staff (I recommend it). 

One caveat: the staff are not going to babysit you, so if you don't have any experience with birds, they're not going to watch and keep you from getting bitten.  However, there are plenty of bird enthusiasts who come by to hang out with their favorite birds and are usually happy to answer questions. 

There's also a cool Koi fish pond to boot.

Definitely a pretty neat little place to spend an hour or two when in Del Mar.

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