Monday, April 6, 2015

Fleece Lined Cat Pajamas

I made some super cute, super warm pj pants! I just couldn't pass up this cute kitty print, but what else can you make with flannel but pajamas?

Flannel and Fleece Cat Pajamas

I used this tutorial from My Cotton Creations to create some almost adult sized pajama pants.

Flannel and Fleece Cat Pajamas

And now you see what I mean. I had to include the selvage in order to get things to fit (and even then I had to flatten out the crotch curve). Because flannel comes in ~45" width, I would not recommend using this tutorial to make pants for anyone larger than a size 0 in RTW sizing. Believe the other lady when she says this is for kids. However! I might suggest using a cute printed fleece, those come in 60" widths (I think) and JoAnn has a pretty decent selection. That way you can get away with buying fabric for the length of your legs! This means one cut of ~1.5+ yards instead of 2 cuts.

Flannel and Fleece Cat Pajamas

Front and back. I copied some pajama pants I own to get the basic shape of the curves, but I needed to flatten out the front curve and add some to the back.

Flannel and Fleece Cat Pajamas

And a very important visual reminder that was not emphasized enough in the original tutorial (that I did actually forget). Make sure your waistband can stretch! Learn from my mistake! Luckily (unluckily), I am shaped like a flat board, so I can get that waistband over my hips/butt without needing the stretch from the elastic, but it's not as comfy as it could have been.

Flannel and Fleece Cat Pajamas

My waistband with useless elastic. I tucked the fleece into the fold of the waistband and then folded under the flannel so it makes a pretty seam.

And here are some more insides shots in which you can see the fleece lining. This is just your basic anti-pill blizzard fleece, nothing fancy. I underlined the flannel with the fleece which means my seams are still sticking out, but it's not that bad since there's only 3 seams. To finish the seams, for the flannel's sake, I trimmed the flannel so it was enclosed within the fleece in the seam and then just sewed it up since fleece doesn't fray. Easy!

Flannel and Fleece Cat Pajamas

The inseam is one looong seam from cuff to cuff.

Flannel and Fleece Cat Pajamas

And the cuffs, same deal with the waistband with strategic tucking and folding. Turned under twice and top stitched down.

Flannel and Fleece Cat Pajamas

Ahh, the perfect length, just grazing the tops of my feet. Usually, I have to roll my pants up at the waist so they're not crazy long.

Pattern:  Tutorial from My Cotton Creations
Size: Based off a RTW pair I own
Fabric: 1.5 yards of snuggle flannel and 1/5 yards of anti-pill blizzard fleece
Notions: 1/5" wide elastic
Construction Notes: As mentioned above, don't make the same crotch curve for the front and back, copy the back curve from your other pair, and flatten out the front so it's more of a slanted line than a real J.
Will you make it again? Maybe. While I really only need one pair of kitty pajama pants, I would like to have a pair that fit better. And in my infinite wisdom, I already have flannel and fleece for another pair. However, I may try another pattern.
Final thoughts: Yay kitty pants! These things are fun, don't include upside down prints (grr cheap RTW), and are crazy warm thanks to the fleece. In fact, when I was in Philadelphia, I would wear these around the house at night and actually get too hot and have to change into some shorts instead.

And I'll leave you with this hilarious outtake/really bad posing.

Flannel and Fleece Cat Pajamas

Oh pants, you're so funny.


  1. I'm no good when it comes to sewing, but this looks like something even I could master. You did a wonderful job here and I love the fabric you used. Cute things are amazing :D Do you think this works with cotton based fabrics, too, or would you recommend using fleece only?

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! I only recommended the fleece just because it was something soft and snuggly that comes in 60 inch wide (~1.5 meter) fabric since the cotton flannel is only 45 inches wide and that was not wide enough. You could probably use any 60 inch wide fabric that you like. If you're not too experienced with apparel sewing, I might suggest sticking with fleece or even a stretchy knit since the fabric doesn't fray, and you won't have to deal with finishing your seams (although you certainly can since there are only 3 seams!). I can always offer more help if you do decide to tackle this project!

  2. Those are so cute! I definitely would not have known to add the extra wedge to allow the waistband to stretch (and I definitely need waistbands to stretch!).

    What size needle did you use? That flannel looks super thick!