Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Happy New Year!

Ok, yes it is February, isn't it? Let's just say Happy Lunar New Year and pretend like I've been getting my act together to revive this old blog a little bit ;) Here's hoping for a little more regular posting since I actually do have a lot of projects to share!

Brief administrative aside: I tried to implement Disqus on my blog a few months ago so I could reply to all your lovely comments, but the damned thing doesn't play nice with Blogger - in fact, it's a known issue. So, I've reverted back to the native Blogger comment form which is good enough (you'll just have to come back to see my reply or do email notifications of replies), let me know if it's not working since I half-assed the uninstall of Disqus.

Anyways, have some photos of Half Moon Bay where I briefly visited while I was in Northern California over the holidays.







More new posts hopefully coming soon! Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see more of here :)


  1. Happy lunar new year! Nice pictures :) The outdoor flea market type shop looks really cool!

  2. Happy lunar new year (belatedly!) to you as well! Ahh, you were up in HMB? That's so close-ish to me!!!

    I actually prefer the native Blogger comment system because I don't have to sign in to leave a comment.