Monday, August 2, 2010

I like things that are practical.

I think this would be a super sweet hallway table for catching keys, mail, etc. right by the doorway. You get a functional built in ledge to prevent things from falling off, like in an earthquake, as California is prone to have, and you have a pretty little table that is unique.

IKEA Klack Tray
Vineyard Bracket via Anthropologie
Paeonia Wallpaper via Anthropologie

Since I am currently renting the apartment I live at and plan to move out in less than 2 years, I, sadly, have no pictures. This is just a concept that I think would be lovely and fairly easy to do.

I would primer/paint the wooden part of the tray white, sand to distress (to match the brackets), then apply wallpaper to the base of the tray. Add a layer of glass, probably stolen from a picture frame, just to protect the paper. Then mount brackets to wall, and for added security, drill 2 holes for screws into back side of tray to be screwed directly into the wall. This is probably easiest using a tray with straight sides, not ones that slant outward.

Or forgo the wallpapering for a lovely vintage wooden tray like this one on etsy with a hand painted sailboat.

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