Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gee-I'm-a-Tree! (Get it? Geometry?)

[I have no idea how this has to do with geometry, I just really, really, really wanted to use a lame tree joke.]

My green raincoat is awesome. I have just recently worn it due to this crazy week of San Diego rain. Lots of compliments too, although mostly from guys, and they go on to add that their favorite color is green, so I'm not entirely sure that it's all that fashionable. But it keeps me dry [excepting the fact that it has no hood]. The other thing is that:

It attracts bugs.

I might venture a guess as to the fact that it is literally the color of spring that bugs think I am an awesomely large leaf. Do bugs have night vision? I was literally attacked vampire-style at the bus stop the other night. Night: meaning nearly pitch black outside and those awful sodium yellow lights that make everything look monochromatic. This huge praying mantis came out of nowhere and landed on my neck, which I, at first, thought it was my earbud wire brushing against my neck, but very quickly realized it was of the live type. I am not afraid of bugs, but I definitely had a minor panic attack just then. Boy sitting next to me at the bus stop gave me the strangest look, realized why I had screamed, got a newspaper and scooped it into the bushes, thus saving it from a squishy fate. I would not have stepped on it, but the bus stop gets crowded at night as people leave campus for home, and somebody would have eventually stepped on it since it made no obvious efforts to move after I flung it off my neck. Such is the life with a leaf colored coat.

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