Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crooked Teeth

Meet my dryer. This is a crude approximation of it. I made this happen in my artistic ability.
Isn't it charming?

The latest victim: a beloved Silverstein zip-up hoodie. Fortunately, it wasn't too badly mangled by my monstrosity of large home appliances. The problem was that the zipper slider somehow managed to fly off the end, even with zipper stopper firmly in place! I decided to put to work my 8th grade home ec skillz and fix this.

Here's the zipper stop that needed to come off in order to thread the slide back onto its track.

After some wrestling with an extremely rusty pair of needle nose pliers, I settled on cutting out the offending zipper stop. (See my notes in the background? That's because I should be studying for my final in Human Nutrition. Tangent: I've been eating Nutella out of the jar with a spoon. Something tells me that studying for that exam might be a worthy pursuit. Perhaps I should learn what I should be eating by doing the exact opposite? A tasty proposition.)

The lonely zipper slide. This would be the orientation for putting it back on the track since I have to slide it down from the top.

And, after some minutes of trickery and cajoling, tada! I used a spare jump ring and sewed it in place of the cut out zipper stop.

And here it is all zipped up. I'm inordinately proud of myself right now.

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