Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's black and white and round all over?

This guy:
Who looks startlingly like this frog balloon from the original Shrek movie:

Shrek and all associated characters belong to Dreamworks Animation

This is a lesson in "not everything that can be made round, should." Case in point, this penguin started out adorably and with good intentions. However, somewhere along the way he went from chubby to Rubenesque. And from there, it just got worse.

Also, the picture itself vaguely reminds me of those "Dog" photographs/art pieces that were quite popular a few years back. The ones where the dog has its nose shoved curiously into the lens, lending an overall fish eye quality to the image.

In any case, I think this little fella is headed for the charity pile. Or perhaps to be relegated to the closet with the creepy five-legged octopus.

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