Monday, July 11, 2011

Toasted Sandwiches

I have really poor eating habits that stem from both frugality and laziness. So occasionally, I am surprised by my ingenuity when reinforcing both of these traits.

This was my response to wanting a grilled cheese but not having any butter and not wanting to get out a frying pan and not actually knowing how to properly make a grilled cheese in the first place.

That's a turkey and provolone cheese toasted sandwich right there. Yessir, that is the finest in this broke college student's recipe book.

I used to do this thing when I was a kid where I would get a slice of cheese and a slice of bread and melt the cheese onto the bread in the microwave. This is only slightly more sophisticated than that. Can I just say how much I love toaster ovens? They are second in usefulness (to me) only to the microwave. And to think, I once took a gourmet cooking class and managed to make somewhat tasty food without hurting myself or other people (well, I might have cut open my finger while chopping oregano, but that was only once!). What happened between then and now?

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