Thursday, February 2, 2012

DIY Necklace Card

This is a super easy DIY to dress up a necklace that you plan on gifting but didn't already come in a box or bag.  In fact, this is barely a tutorial, and more of a look-what-I-made.

fine tip pen

1. Cut a piece of cardstock appropriately sized.  I think mine was about 2x3 inches.
2. Cut slightly angled notches about 1/4 of the width in from both sides on the top.  (See the picture)
3. Determine how low the necklace will hang on the card (what length of chain is in the notches) and add your design! I picked the very popular laurel wreath/branches design that I've seen popping up all over the place these days.
4. Not shown, but cut a smaller piece of cardstock maybe 1x1 inch.  Coil up the remainder of the chain on the backside of the cardstock and place the smaller piece over the coiled chain.  Tape down.

You could even personalize this with a note (like Happy Birthday!) or to and from.

How easy was that?  Now this is perfect for putting in a flat gift card box or a pillow box.

Enjoy :)

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