Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hanging out with the SunGod babies

I feel a little like a factory.  One that specializes in the making of SunGod baby amigurumis.  I posted the prototype for this pattern ages ago (based on a 2d graphic), and now I've perfected the pattern for ease and cuteness.  They're starting to overwhelm my storage though :)

I did use this pattern tutorial to make their awesome little bellies.


  1. Oh my gosh a UCSD ami!!! I've never seen super chicken looking so cute. I would looooove to see this pattern on Ravelry. (I stumbled on your blog from the guinea pig cuteness on C.O., but as it turns out, I am also a San Diegan/avid crocheter/UCSD grad student.)

    1. Haha, so nice to meet a kindred spirit!