Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hopping on the Bunting Trend

 I guess I can't avoid hopping on some of the most popular trends on Craftgawker (there are 113 projects/tutorials on Craftgawker alone!).  Case in point, bunting on everything!

Obviously I'm not terribly original as I've duplicated the same craft twice, but that's basically two different crafts, right?  The little succulent was for N successfully advancing his candidacy towards his Ph.D!

And this little coffee cake bought at the local coffee shop was for a lab mate who finished her master's defense!

The top bunting was made with yarn, skewers pilfered from a fondue event, and construction paper and glue.  The glue didn't hold up very well after a day or so.
The bottom bunting was made with yarn, skewers, and "label tape" that we use at the lab for labeling glassware and other things. The ever-popular washi tape would probably be better here, but I craft last minute, ok? I bought the cake and made the bunting about an hour before her defense started.

I guess the bunting trifecta will only be complete once I make some fabric bunting.  I do have some bare walls to decorate...


  1. K I LOVE the idea of the congrats bunting on a plant. I think that's totally original! I've never seen it before at least. And that's such a good idea because sometimes the usual cookies/cupcakes/"insert dessert here" just gets kind of old after a while. That being said though, that coffee cake looks AMAZING. So I definitely just ate my words right there. ha, seriously I take back everything I said. I. want. that. cake. You're bunting is really cute and nicely done too, I love the colors you used.

    1. Thanks! I get kind of tired of all the sweets too, plus sometimes, little plants are cheaper than buying all kinds of fancy cakes :)