Sunday, December 16, 2012

Little Cow

I actually made this little guy on request for my coworker's wife. 

I love this little pattern from Studio Ami, and it's free!  I did change the legs because I like these stubby little things better.

Make 4 of the same:
With black:
Ch 2, 6 SC in 2nd ch from hook. (6)
2 SC in next st, 1 SC in next stx3 (9)
In BLO, SC around (9)
With white:
SC around
SC around
SC around

Bonus! I also learned how to put safety eyes on correctly.  Or at least I think it's correct now.  Apparently, the concave part goes into the eye stem, not the convex part.




  1. Aww that's well cute!

  2. Adorable!! :)

    I found out about your blog from Cuteoverload and I'm very happy to have found it! Your guinea pig pics were super cute!

    I'm a knitter/crocheter/crafter and I also love to cook! I have a few blogs in case you're interested in following me back! :)

    All the best for the holidays and 2013 :) Nice "meeting" you :)