Sunday, January 6, 2013

Please Sir, I want S'more

Ok, that was a bad pun, considering that this has more to do with S'mores than Charles Dickens.

This little guy was inspired by the A Beautiful Mess post about fancy S'mores. I love the idea to use fun-sized candy bars as the chocolate!  My roommate and I were talking about how we missed the entire s'mores/bonfire season even though we live in SD!


And here's the free pattern!
Finished size: ~4 cm tall

Ch 2, 6 SC.
[2 SC in next st] repeat x6.
[2 SC in next st, 1 SC in next st] repeat x6.
sl st to first SC, Ch 1.
(in BackLoopsOnly) SC around
SC around
SC around
SC around
SC around
(in FrontLoopsOnly) SC around
[sc2tog, 1 SC] repeat x6.
[sc2tog] repeat x6.

Ch 9, turn
[SC 8, Ch 1, turn] repeat for 8 rows
Make 2, SC around edges to join 2 together

Graham Cracker: (2)
Ch 10, turn
[SC 9, Ch 1, turn] repeat for 9 rows
sl st evenly around edges
Optional: Embroider French knots in darker tan onto graham cracker surface (3-2-3 offset pattern like you might see on the 8 of diamonds)

Stack up your pieces and glue or sew together! Add a sweet little face with black puffy paint and maybe some pink felt for blushing cheeks.


  1. This is definitely the cutest thing I've seen all day (it's currently 23:02 pm so that's definitely an achievement). I love the little face!

  2. SO totally going to make this for my girl scout troop - the perfect little gift for my 7 and 8 year olds! They're going to love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is completely cute! I crocheted one up to celebrate National S'more Day. I enjoyed creating my S'more Friend - and I didn't even have to worry about the calories. HAhaHA