Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rosemary Wreath Present Topper

I love prettily wrapped presents.  It's also like how I love making beautiful cards but then have nothing to write inside of them, haha!  I'm usually super cheap about things, so I oftentimes wrap things in brown paper bags from the grocery store.

I had this brown cardboard box from the 85 degree bakery in Irvine that was perfect for wrapping up a shirt.

I loved this idea from Crafts Unleashed via Craftgawker.  I have limited access to craft stores in my area, so I didn't want to go out and buy wreath forms.  I opted to make the whole wreath out of rosemary since it grows wildly abundant here in SD.  Beware, working with the rosemary does make your hands pretty sticky.  But it smells so lovely :)


The close up!

I just used 3 woodier sprigs of rosemary and made them into a roughly triangle/circle shape and used wire to bind the stems together.  Then, I added sprigs on top of the round to make the whole thing fuller and tied them on with a little bit of white thread where needed.  I made a big red bow out of felt (here's a good little picture tutorial) and then tied the wreath to the package.  Ta da!

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