Thursday, January 24, 2013

Refashioned Hair Ties

So, I have very thick, long hair. I know, what a tragedy.  Well, it's a tragedy for my hair rubber bands because they tend to get severely stretched out after a short while, but I can't bear to throw them out.  Because I'm cheap.  But we all knew that. I usually buy my elastics in bulk in LA, so they come in weird colors if you don't get the all-black set.

So I devised a way to extend the life of my hair ties while also creating fun little things for my hair which I usually wear in a ponytail to work.

I like this little method because I usually will wrap a single rubber band 3 times around my ponytail to secure it, but with the doubled up elastic, I only need 2 wraps to secure it.

I have little names for them, is that weird?
Rainbow Sherbet (left),  Hot Topic (middle), Winter Wonderland (right)


Here's the how-to: (which is more like just explaining my process.  Go ahead and get crazy with it)

-Cut apart your old, stretched out rubber bands so that you have one long piece.
-Use a binder clip to secure multiple bands together at the same length and hand sew them together as if you were starting a friendship bracelet.
-Braid your 3 strands together or twist 2 together (like the pink and black in the middle of my photo).
-Use another binder clip to keep the braid intact and sew together the ends of the bands.
-Bring your two ends together to reform your elastic and sew the elastic shut so that it looks like one continuous loop (so sew the elastics end-to-end not side-to-side).
-And you're done! Rock that pony!

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  1. These are beautiful! I'm jealous of your long thick hair! I would definitely wear these and no, I do not think the names or the fact that you named them are weird. They are very fitting! What a great idea! And you know, you've recycled your old ones and made them into something lovely that I think people would definitely be paying for in one of those little accessories stores!