Monday, February 4, 2013

Tofu, Chickpea, & Green Pea Curry

Still on the hunt for some good tofu dishes, I came across this one from The Partial Ingredients on Foodgawker.  It was pretty perfect because I had a leftover nub of ginger I didn't know what to do with and a partial bag of frozen peas in the freezer.  I basically omitted most of the spices and just went with some curry powder for the seasoning since it mostly contains all those spices anyways. 

Something new I learned when trying to make this recipe: Chickpeas = Garbanzo beans!  (Anyone besides me reminded of Zoboomafoo from PBS?)

Anyways, another warning about the recipe, make it in a Dutch oven or other similarly large sauce pot.  The first time we made the recipe, we made it in the skillet as called for, but there ended up being so much liquid that it was impossible to stir.

We also nixed the jalapeno because it made the first batch unbelievably spicy.


P.S. I took this picture at work because I have a new miniature rice cooker!  Thanks to my old coworker Tricia, I can now eat fresh rice with my lunches :)

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