Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thrifted Sewing Patterns

By the way, it's Valentine's Day tomorrow, and if you need to make a little gift (that's not chocolate or flowers), check out my Cutie pattern!

It's possible I am as excited about new patterns as I am about the fact that they were 10 cents a piece!  I picked them up at an estate sale just down the street from my parents' house, and for that price, I probably should have picked out a few more.  I'm really excited about that one on the front though.  It's a vintage pattern that I guess you had to mail away for.  I waiting until I feel confident enough in my pattern cutting skills before I tackle that pretty vintage one.  I did sew my first dress lately (it's actually that middle McCall's pattern), but I'm still cringing at how horribly ugly it is.  But I will eventually post photos.


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