Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I've jumped on the bandwagon for...

...Audiobooks! AKA Books on tape! Actually it's more like books on CD these days, but I just wanted to rave about how great I think they are. 

I basically never understood these when I was younger and saw all these at the library.  I love reading books, and I love the experience of reading a book (yeah, I know, I'm one of those.)  But I have since then changed my tune.

I get motion sickness if I try too hard to focus on something while I'm riding in a car even though I used to be able to read whole novels in the back seat.  These days, long car trips are pretty boring without a book, so it's either music for several hours or try to take a nap.

But! I checked out audiobooks after my aunt suggested that it was really nice for commuting in the mornings.  I got Terry Pratchett's Small Gods for a recent trip (a friend often quotes it), and it was amazing! I was able to load up all the content onto my iPod and then put it into one big playlist.  You can also check out the CDs from the library and play them in the CD deck in your car if you have one and want to share your book with your driving partner :)

I'm totally hooked on Discworld novels now, I hope my local library has more of them! You should check them out too :)

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  1. I just recently got hooked on these novels too! I'm reading my third right now! I love audiobooks too! But I recently fell in love with my Moonreader app for my phone because it has a wonderful scroll feature so I can read in bed and not have to flick to turn pages. I can just rest the phone down and read until I get sleepy. I love it and think every e-reader should have that feature.