Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fake-torial: Split Rings

So, remember my key necklace?  I believe I promised that I would show you how lazy cheap people (like me) make charm necklaces.  As mentioned, I got some split rings, but I didn't really think it through.  I didn't realize that split rings require special pliers to get them open so that you can get your charm on.  I live far from the craft store, so it's not easy to make a quick jaunt down there for every little thing (plus I don't want to buy more tools that I'll only use once).  If you're going to be attaching lots of charms or just generally using many split rings, then by all means, use split ring pliers.  They're definitely easier, I'm sure.

Putting a single charm onto a necklace? Then let's dive right in:


1. (World's Tiniest Proposal?) Get your split ring and find where the ends of the ring are
2. Use a pair of fingernail clippers (I have a pair that I don't use because I somehow have several) and carefully "clip" between one of the ends and the ring so that the end lifts up away from the ring slightly.
3. Carefully wedge a flat tool underneath the lifted edge while still opening the ring with the clippers.
4. Wedge the tool further under so that the ring opens up more.  It has to be far enough away from the very end so that a charm can be slipped on.
Add your charm and slide it all the way around until it locks in to the middle of the ring, just like putting a key on a key ring.


Maybe this was slightly harder, especially if your fine motor skills aren't up to snuff, but it was cheaper, right?

Who's with me on this?  Anyone else grappled with split rings before?

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