Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Key to my Neck(lace)

My newest necklace!  I'm not much of a jewelry maker or wearer, but I've been wanting to make this because I had all the supplies except extra jump rings to put the damn charm on the necklace.  I liked this small, unobtrusive key charm (picked up for free via Diamonds International, haha), but I didn't like the dingy brassy finish or that it would probably not react too well to lots of wearing.

My sister bought me some nail polish during her recent polish shopping spree, I love the color, but I do not wear nail polish.  Making a faux enamel key is the next best use, right?  It's really easy, just coat your charm with a few thin coats of nail polish, let dry between coats, until it has completely covered the base color.  I topped mine off with some clear nail polish to make it super smooth and hopefully chip-free.


I also tried free lensing to get this picture! Taking macro shots are impossible with the Fifty, so I thought I'd try free lensing in order to get super close. Free lensing is also apparently impossible for me because I could hardly hold my lens still enough to get a clear shot, and I was already using a tripod.  These two were the only clear-ish shots that came out, but I do kind of like the interesting pink cast in the second.

Stay tuned for an interesting faux-torial on how to use split rings without buying the coordinating pliers! :)

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  1. So lovely!!!
    xx Francine