Monday, April 15, 2013

Crepes, crepes, and more crepes for breakfast

Two things conspired to get us to make more crepes.

One. We found a cute little cookbook at an estate sale that is all about crepes, savory and sweet.
Two. N's sister bought him a great crepe pan in Germany.

It's fate, right?

We used this recipe from Me Versus Martha to make our first batch of banana and Nutella crepes.  They were delicious and super filling, but Nutella is always awesome, so... biased.


Same basic crepe recipe, but this time, with a syrup/reduction made of blackberries, water, and sugar.  We strained out the seeds and put in into the creamer to pour over the crepes.  Since it wasn't very substantial otherwise, I made some fresh whipped cream to fill it out a little.

It's actually very easy to make fresh whipped cream.  I used maybe a 1/2 cup (or less), two spoonfuls of sugar, and a splash of vanilla.  Those three ingredients went into the Pyrex measuring cup and then whisked for several minutes until stiff.  That's it!


Yum! Crepes seem really fancy even though they are really just thin pancakes.

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