Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Brown Bag Wrap(ping paper)

I love wrapping things with brown paper grocery bags because I'm cheap, they're free, and I can usually dress them up a little. 

I love that Fabric Paper Glue has the same idea for wrapping things with kraft paper.  She has a really useful tip on how to make these envelopes for wrapping oddly shaped things.

I was actually just wrapping that crochet case, and even though it is rectangular it was soft and fairly difficult to wrap properly.  I didn't go all out with rubber cement, just some good old clear packing tape did just fine.

Plus, I love hang tags. It's the little details that shine when the wrapping is plain.  The hang tag made out of an old clothing price tag (nice cardstock ^^), pretty multicolor cotton yarn, and a shiny medallion sticker, just for fun.


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