Sunday, April 7, 2013

Round-bellied Hippo

This cutie was a UFO for the longest time, all summer I think. I just couldn't make myself sew on the legs.  And then he sat on top of the TV waiting to be photographed for almost 5 months.  Nevertheless, he is one of my favorite patterns to date.

The pattern is beautifully written with subtle but important shaping and excellent step-by-step instructions.  She also has a great idea for sewing on legs so they look more seamless and realistic.

My little hippo definitely turned out very much like a soft doll - stiff crocheting and stuffed firmly.  N has also made the same pattern and his is definitely squishier and more plushy-like.  I used a D hook to make this, and he still turned out pretty large.  One thing to consider, make sure that your wrong sides are truly on the wrong sides.  My snout is wrong side out but I made the body right side out.  I kind of wished they at least matched even if they were both wrong side out.

Check out the "Little Hippo Taweret" Ravelry pattern page. (It's a free download, how generous!)



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