Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little bit of [actual] sexism in the modern day and age.

I was over at my good friend (from high school!) AK's place last night having dinner and catching up. We were making the good ol' stand by: pasta with ground beef. AK's roommate/apartmentmate, Steve, comes home from dinner out with his family. They're all chatting and standing around in the entry way, Steve and his gf, Christine, are getting out bowls and spoons and things for ice cream. AK and I are doing our thing in the kitchen. Steve's little sister Kari, who is about 10, hyper and super friendly, comes up to me and introduces herself and starts talking to me about Rockband. I'm stirring the ground beef and mushrooms which are starting to smell awesome at this point.

Christine: "Wow, that smells so good, good job."
Joking and somewhat indignant, AK: "How do you know I didn't make that?!"
Kari pipes up, "Because she's a woman, duh!" [referencing me as the woman in question, of course]
Me: "Haha, uh yeah."

I'm not at all offended by this, and I'm not going to go all girl-power! on anyone, I just thought this was super funny. I was pretty much unaware that these kinds of "spheres of influence" thoughts and values were still perpetuated in modern society. But she is 10 after all. Probably doesn't even know what sexism is.

All in all, I still find philosoraptor funny.

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