Sunday, October 24, 2010

Only a third grader would opt to paint her room completely pink.

My room at home that I moved into when I was in third grade has this awful/lovely shade of pink paint on the walls. Overwhelmingly pink even though my mom thought to artfully dab some white/light pink sponging over the pink. It's so pink that even though I tried to change the decor when I was in high school, it still looks like an 8 year old's imagination exploded in there, complete with unicorn stuffed animals and glow in the dark stars. At least I got rid of the twin bed with the pink cast iron frame. Oh and I was the one who wanted to paint it pink. My sister's room is purple but somehow came out more tasteful than mine did.

And there's my cute little stone giraffe from Nigeria. I tried to spruce up my room with little things from around the house. That retro Pepsi-Cola glass was snatched from the kitchen cupboard.

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