Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fold: Kusudama Flowers

I found this great tutorial somewhere online for these beautiful paper flowers. I have this perfect little stack of colored note papers that I use for notes and other random things (like making origami!) right next to my computer. There are some failed/half-folded things littering my desk, but surprisingly, I actually finished this one. This one is pretty simple compared to some of the more elaborate paper crafts on their site.

Process photos and full tutorial over at Folding Trees. link here.

Aren't those great, especially the ones made with patterned paper? I don't think I'd ever have the patience to finish a whole ball of them though! I'll just have to stick with the one and put a stem on it for some year round cheeriness.

I used Elmer's white school glue (which btw is pretty much the best thing ever! in my opinion of course) and bobby pins to hold the petals together while the glue dried. The glue stick slowly came apart even after it dried, so I re-pasted with the white glue. I folded all the petals at once, let them dry overnight, and then stuck all the petals together in the flower shape, glue and bobby pin, dry overnight. Pretty easy especially because I don't have a lot of time to spend crafting.

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