Tuesday, November 8, 2011


What is a shent? (A little bit of humor, definitely pokes fun at Rachael Ray and some other Food Network hosts)
TL;DR: shirt < Shent < tent

 I have this shirt, from Wal-mart I think, that's been tucked away in a drawer because it hangs like a tent on me.  And with the wintery season upon us (San Diego winter, but I'm a SoCal girl and it's cold to me), I decided to take in this shirt so that it looks nice and it'll lay nice and flat under other shirts/sweaters.

I didn't take a before picture with the shirt on me because it was cold and rainy on Sunday, and I didn't really feel like changing out of pajamas. Believe me when I say it looked awful on me.

Flipped the shirt inside out and laid a t-shirt over that fits much better.  Drew in new rough seam lines with some leftover chalk from my teaching days and pinned it up.
Sewed it up with a ball point needle for my machine (better for knits to give it some stretch).  I just used 2 parallel straight stitches although I've heard zig-zag stitch should be used on knits.  I didn't even cut off the excess since I'm lazy. 

Yay, done! Nice wardrobe staple for the late fall/winter.  Hopefully my seams hold up well in the wash.

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  1. laur it looks so good. i tried doing something similar to pants once...awful results haha

    miss you