Monday, November 14, 2011

A step up from plain pasta: Peas and tuna pasta

This meal was pretty darn tasty and pretty much composed of random things I had in the cupboard.  And I think all together, this dish cost me around $1 per serving. 

-Can of water-packed tuna (not as healthy as the oil packed but still good) (I probably used about half for one meal)
-Frozen peas
-Mini shell pasta
-Dash of salt and pepper

This was inspired by a Real Simple dish but that one was for a cold pasta dish, and I like my food hot ;]  All I did was cook the pasta, cook the peas in the pasta water, and put tuna into the bowl.  I didn't even have to cook the tuna; I just put the hot pasta and peas on top and mixed it up.

Economical and tasty. Not bad.

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