Thursday, August 16, 2012

Breaking Glass

We did the increasingly popular DIY of cutting wine bottles with acetone on our day off way back on Fourth of July.  I first saw it on Lifehacker before it blew up all over Pinterest and all the other crafting sites.  And here's another tutorial from Lifehacker on cutting up bottles with a cleaner edge (the acetone method leaves it pretty jagged).



IMG_4498Haha, we thought this was really funny.  We thought this looked a little like the wine bottles had weirdly sunk into the patio.


And here's the finished product! We put together 3 of our cut bottles and glued them together using glass and ceramic cement.  Awesome utensil holder!  And it really cleared up the clutter in the cabinet.

(Woops! Would you believe I hit my photo limit in the built in Blogger web album?  I'm going to try and figure out the Flickr thing, hopefully all of the photos will stay visible on my free account.)


  1. aww he does crafts with you, eh? :)

    1. heh, yeah, he indulges my crazy crafting whims on occasion :)