Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thrifty Plate Score!

Can I just brag about these amazing plates that N and I found at an estate sale?  Ok, so they don't match everything (like the perennial favorites, the everyday whites), but what are a couple of non-fancy college kids to do?  Besides, who are we really trying to impress here?

We had a crazy experience getting these plates.  We were on our way back from Target and Home Depot, when I saw a neon poster tacked up to a telephone pole "ESTATE SALE 12 BLOCKS".  Quite possibly the least descriptive sign ever.  No arrows, no address.  Fortunately, there were more signs as we kept going back towards home, which culminated in us crossing over 3 lanes so we could make a last minute right hand turn to follow the signs.  We found it mostly without incident after that.  There was 30 minutes left in the sale, so we quickly ran through the house looking at random things.  I found some little kitschy things, and by the time we were done looking at everything else, we ended up in the kitchen.  We were on the look out for a few spare plates since we were constantly having to wash the 2 plates we own, but somehow we managed to come home with this whole set.  Mostly because they wouldn't let us break up the set.

These are Mikasa plates from their Galleria collection.  Mikasa plates go for at least $20 each.

We got this set of 6 dinner plates, 6 salad plates, 6 bowls, 6 mugs, and one serving bowl for $20 total.  I was super excited about the new dishware.  Probably more excited than anyone should be about dishware.


We always feel a little fancy when we use these :)


Plus, a silly thing, but those little felt spacer things came with the plates which keeps them from scratching each other.

This is basically my crowning thrifting achievement.  I keep going to various sales hoping to make another amazing find like this :)

Anyone else get crazy excited about thrifting?

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