Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Animal Dishes

I think once you have 3 of anything, you can call it a collection.  This is the start of my animal dish collection, I guess.

This little piggy dish I found at the same estate sale as the pretty plates, and it was half off!  I love the little features and that little tail ^^  I keep it on top of my dresser and put all my hair bands in it.  I have to justify my random thrift purchases :)

I really debated about getting this rabbit...thing (at aforementioned estate sale).  I think the little rabbits are just so cute, but I couldn't figure out what exactly I should do with it (I assumed it was a candle holder or something).  I must have picked it up and put it down at least 5 times while I was walking around that sale.  Fortunately, I had this little white ceramic bowl that I got for free from someone getting rid of things at work.  I didn't even think of these two going together until I brought it home, and the base of the bowl fit into the candle slot.  Perfect as a little catch-all.

This was a different estate sale purchase, but I almost didn't buy it.  I missed it in the first once-over and was just going to pick out my sewing patterns and leave, but I happened to see it when I went back to look at some cooking utensils.  It's just a kitschy little hen on basket jar, but it's really sweet and simple.  It's got a really nice heft to it, and I am using it to hold my pins instead of keeping them in a canning jar lid (which I have knocked over onto the floor before!).

Anyone else have a fun/quirky/unique collection?

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