Monday, September 17, 2012

Orzo with Sausage and Bell Peppers

This recipe is so yummy and and really not that hard.  I'm just bummed that the Crabby Cook isn't posting recipes any more.

We used a spicy turkey sausage and roasted the bell pepper.  And maybe accidentally set off the smoke alarm while roasting the bell pepper over an open flame.

This makes a ton of food (probably because it's a pound of orzo), there were leftovers for days.

It's a pretty cheap dish too.  $1 (on sale) for a whole box of orzo, $0.33 for one bell pepper, and variable on the sausage, but no more than about $3/pound.



  1. your food is delicious looking and i am delighted you are EATING now.

    ps how big is your creation below? i couldn't figure out the size of the thing by comparing the tiny whisk ;)

    1. hah thanks :) food is yummy now that I can cook it half way decently.

      I should include some actual things for scale, haha. It's only about 2 inches tall if you're not really counting the tentacles