Sunday, October 7, 2012

Avery's Bunny

Technically, I didn't make this all in one week, but this is my finished project for the week!  This is the gift I made for my coworker who recently had a baby.  I meant to finish it and give it to her before she left on maternity leave, but after is just as good a time as any, right?

This was a feat of pattern writing for me considering how big it is!  The bunny sits about 11-12 inches tall.
I'm still tweaking the pattern to my liking, but I had considered keeping the pattern for myself to sell finished bunnies.  I'm a little torn about selling my work, I find it hard to believe anyone would buy my things!  Thoughts?  This is not exactly an immediate endeavor or anything.




(Hah, I probably could use some tips on post-processing my photos to make them more even!)

Woo! Week 2 (for me) of the Yarndango, still doing well!


  1. Oh, this is adorable! Your coworker is getting such a lovely homemade gift from you! I think it is definitely worth considering selling. You can decide if you'd like to make more and just sell the finished objects or you could sell the pattern only. I can see people wanting to own one or make one for themselves!

    1. I agree. The design is super sweet and the workmanship is top notch. I think the pattern or the finished toy would appeal to a lot of buyers. Congratulations on your 2nd week of the Yarndango!

  2. What a cute little bunny! Just adorable!