Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meet Dragon (and Bunny)

This is Dragon.  She has a little pet bunny. Aren't they cute?

Lol, I feel like I could write a short children's book if I keep going like this.

When I found this pattern at Ravelry, I was super determined to start right away.  Well, I did the head while waiting at my brother's basketball thing and realized that the head was huge and how was there any way this is right?  It basically seemed like the head and the body were not going to go together in any kind of predictable way. I set it aside for a while and finally just made the rest of the pieces and put it together.  It's very kawaii.  Classic big head, little body style.  Finished, she actually stands up on her own with the support of a little tail and is about 6 inches tall at the tip of the horns.  I'm glad I'm done with this one though, because all the finishing details were driving me crazy!


P.S. Sorry for the terrible, poorly-lit photo. It's hard to take pictures at 7:30am :(


  1. It's adorable! Both the dragon AND the bunny. I totally understand what you are saying about being glad when it's done. Finishing details can be a real bother. There have only been a few times I have actually enjoyed doing them and that was on my Count Finger Muppet and one or two other things that I got really into when working on them. Usually I don't enjoy that part though. LOL. Anyway, I will link to these from my Yarndango post, which I am late on because I decided to hand out honorary degrees from my blog yesterday to my facebook page readers. :)

  2. I've made this pattern twice now and the second time was miles quicker for some reason (I think because I upsized the hook I used from a 2mm to a 3mm). I love it though, he's one of my favourite amigurumi's and the whole reason I started. Your version is lovely - the little horns are so cute! And the bunny addition just makes it lol x