Monday, October 1, 2012

Beef Stroganoff and musings on life currently

We were looking for a new beef stroganoff recipe to replace a previous recipe that had somehow been lost. We came across this one also by the Crabby Cook via Foodgawker.  It's a really good recipe, and while a little involved, makes a delicious dish.  He even suggests when to start boiling water for the noodles: a good tip for me since I find it hard to know when I am supposed to make certain elements of a meal ;)


And now that school is fully in session, I'm finding it weird to keep showing up at campus but not to have classes or exams or anything really.  And yet everyone else is surging at a frenzied pace around me while I seem to be standing still.  But the funny thing is, it feels good to stand still for a while.

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