Saturday, September 17, 2011


 I have a mix of things on my shelves mostly due to the unique design of my bed.  I have one of those Ikea beds with 9 built in cupboards with sliding doors underneath the mattress.  Because of my bed, I don't actually have real shelves on the wall except for one very tall one in my closet that I don't use much.

 Day 17. On the shelf.
Books, oh books.  How I love thee.  I have a variety of novels plus some notebooks and crochet design books on the left and all my textbooks on the right.  Organic chemistry and molecular cell biology don't quite classify as light reading.  In the metaphorical or literal sense of the phrase.

Snuggly blankets because I get really, really cold in the winter even if it's a San Diego "winter".   These are my 3 favorite that stay here in San Diego with me all the time: Gryffindor/high school colors fleece tie blanket, light weight zebra quilt, and pink Hawaiian flower fleece tie blanket.  (Fleece tie blankets were really popular a few years ago).

Jars of things.  I can't throw away glass jars because I know that I'll need them for something. I save yarn bits because I hate to throw them away when I can usually stuff them as extra filler into an amigurumi.  Button jar which is looking sadly empty.  Scary bottle labeled with MSDS symbols and chemical formulas.  [Science side note: Just kidding, I don't take home scary things from work, it's just rubbing alcohol (aka Isopropyl alcohol).  The label fell off some years ago, and I just relabeled with Sharpie and pertinent information; for example, the "3" at the top of the diamond tells me it is a 3 out of 4 on the flammability scale.]

Other miscellaneous craft things.  Paint chips, stamps, finished and half finished amigurumi projects, balls of yarn, embroidery hoop, puffy paint, tacky glue, craft foam.  I pretty much have it all piled haphazardly in here.

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