Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Your bag is so colorful"

True story.  I was shopping at White House | Black Market and the sales lady said that to me.

Day 18. In my bag.

This is pretty standard for when I'm not carrying my backpack.  My bag is pretty small as you can see on the left, so it doesn't fit a lot but it can be surprisingly roomy.  This is my most favorite bag that I got as a gift from a friend, a LeSportsac (yes, I do know that "most favorite" is not grammatically correct).  I've never seen another bag like it, including the shape, so I'm hard pressed to let this one go. 

Everything else:
-Vintage Liz Claiborne wallet (swiped from my mom ages ago and used as a play wallet with paper money for the longest time when I was young)
-Canon point and shoot in case with Jane Jenni "shutter bug" pin
-Keys + USB flash drive + quarter with a hole drilled through it
-Moisturizing Chapstick (smells like vanilla!)
-Extra bobby pins
-Paper napkin for emergency situations involving spilled liquids
-Leather coin purse from Bolivia
-Purple, foldable, reusable bag in carrying case
-cell phone

The only problem is that with all of this stuff, I can't usually carry my DSLR comfortably, so I'm on the lookout for a new bag.  I think I'll stick with a nice smallish bag with cross body strap.

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