Thursday, September 8, 2011

If it hurts, kiss it better/ You wear skirts, I write nice letters

All I want to do is to wear skirts all the time.  But my job says I can't, or I'll DIE.  I kid, but it is for my own safety that I do wear long pants when I'm at work.  However, this doesn't stop me from ogling at and making dreamy skirts and dresses.

When I made my skirt, I kept a lot of different points from each of these tutorials in mind, and just kind of winged it!

Seriously.  How easy is this tutorial for an uber comfy skirt (with pockets!)?

 via DIY Couture via Etsy
Also super simple and less of a flare than the Freshly Picked tutorial.

Covered elastic waistband versus an exposed elastic.  With an option for freezer paper stenciling!

I like this one because it has a nice waistband with zipper rather than elastic so you don't get the scrunchy look of an elastic waistband.

via MADE
For a super swingy skirt with not as much bunching at the waistline.

(After going through my bookmarks and posting all the ones pertaining to skirt making, I realized I am super insane.  They're practically all the same tutorial!)

((Post title from Jefferson Airplane by Relient K))

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